Abigail Dalton


Abby is currently working on her PhD, where she is using remote sensing methods to determine the processes controlling iceberg production from four major Canadian tidewater glaciers that supply icebergs to Baffin Bay. Her work will also provide a comprehensive survey of iceberg characteristics and drift through Canadian waters and identify potential risk posed by icebergs in primary shipping routes along the east coast of Canada.

Abby completed her MSc in Geography (’17) at the University of Ottawa where she used SAR imagery to identify changes in iceberg production from tidewater glaciers on the Prince of Wales Icefield, SE Ellesmere Island. She completed her BES (’14) at the University of Waterloo in Honours Geography and Environmental Management with an Earth Systems Science specialization and French Studies minor.

Outside of her PhD, Abby enjoys cooking, hiking, and rewatching past seasons of the Great British Bake-Off.

Email: abigail.dalton@uottawa.ca or follow Abby on Twitter @iceberg_abby


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