Alison Cook


Alison is a Postdoctoral Fellow and member of both the Laboratory for Cryospheric Research and the Environment, Society and Policy Group at the University of Ottawa. She is conducting geographic research on climate change impacts in the Canadian Arctic, including changes in glaciers, sea ice and shipping. Her work focuses on decadal changes in sea ice in Baffin Bay and the Northwest Passage, and links to variations in shipping routes and ship numbers over the same time period.

She holds a PhD in Glaciology from Swansea University (UK) and prior to coming to Ottawa was a Research Fellow at Durham University (UK). She worked at the British Antarctic Survey between 2000 and 2010 as a Geographic Data Analyst, which included producing maps of previously unmapped regions of Antarctica. Her research has centred on glacier changes in polar regions, using mapping, GIS and Remote Sensing to analyse spatial and temporal patterns of recent glacier retreat. In addition to studying ice loss from glaciers in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, she is now using similar tools to analyse regional trends in sea ice and shipping in the waters surrounding Nunavut.





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