Claire Bernard-Grand’Maison

Claire completedClaire webpage pic her Honours BSc in Earth System Science at McGill University in 2016.  As a continuation of her honours project, she had the opportunity to work as a field assistant on Ellesmere and Axel Heiberg Islands in the Canadian Arctic, mapping ice wedge polygons and thermokarst activity during summer 2016. This inspiring experience confirmed her interest in polar environments and the cryosphere and motivated her to pursue graduate studies. Claire began her MSc at the University of Ottawa in September 2017 under the co-supervision of Luke Copland and David Burgess from the Geological Survey of Canada.  Her project focuses on the recent dynamics and surface elevation changes of Devon Ice Cap in the Canadian Arctic. It involves referencing and validation of the new high resolution Tandem-X digital elevation model of the ice cap. In her free time, she enjoys being active outside, travelling and cooking.

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