Dorota Medrzycka

Dorota MedrzyckaDorota is working on combining data from terrestrial and airborne ice-penetrating radar measurements, and building a regional ice thickness map with complete coverage of glaciers and ice caps across the Canadian Arctic. This dataset will be used to derive the first validated measure of total terrestrial glacier ice volume for the region. Her research interests include unstable glacier dynamics, including glacier surging, and aerial photogrammetry techniques for mapping glaciers and monitoring change.

Dorota loves glaciers and all things frozen, and is always looking for an excuse to do more fieldwork. During the long Yellowknife winters, she spends her time skate skiing, snowkiting, and bushwhacking through the snow with the dog. In summer, when not doing glacier fieldwork, she waxes her skis and waits for winter.

Dorota obtained her PhD in Geography at the University of Ottawa, with a focus on glacier surging and dynamic instabilities in the Canadian High Arctic. She completed her MSc in Earth Science/Glaciology at the University Centre in Svalbard.

Email: dorota.medrzycka@uottawa.ca


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