Frances Delaney

Frances cimg_6863ompleted her Bachelor of Science with Honours in Physical Geography at the University of Ottawa in April 2015. For her undergraduate thesis, she studied the patterns and trends of oxygen isotopes in snow and ice in the Canadian Arctic since the 1970s. She worked for Dr. Luke Copland as a research and field assistant in summer 2015, where she continued her undergraduate thesis research. She then pursued a Masters of Climate Change (MCC) at the University of Waterloo from September 2015 -2016, where she was exposed to a wide range of fields and perspectives on climate change. She has now completed the MCC program and is currently working for the Laboratory for Cryospheric Research as well as the Canadian Ice Service. She is working on converting historical ice charts into sea ice navigability charts, and investigating patterns and trends between sea ice navigability and shipping tracks through the Canadian Arctic over the past ~40 years. Other than science and climate change, Frances enjoys travelling and playing cards with her friends and family.

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