Moya Painter

Moya completed her Honours BacheloMoyar of Arts with Specialization in Geography degree in 2018 at the University of Ottawa. Moya grew up in the Yukon, and decided to focus her MSc research in the region where she completed the GEG4001 Northern Field Research course during the final year of her Bachelor’s studies. After a year off working in the Yukon and travelling to visit some South American glaciers, Moya returned to begin her MSc in Geography in fall 2019, jointly supervised by Dr. Luke Copland at the University of Ottawa and Dr. Christine Dow at the University of Waterloo. Her research is focusing on glacier lake outburst floods, in particular at Donjek Glacier in the St Elias Mountains, Yukon. Moya will also be working with Kluane First Nation to gather traditional knowledge of the Donjek region to incorporate with data collected during fieldwork.


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