Will Kochtitzky


Will Kochtitzky is currently a PhD Willstudent in the Laboratory for Cryospheric Research at the University of Ottawa, supervised by Dr. Luke Copland. Will’s PhD project is focused on better understanding how and why glaciers are changing in a warming climate across North America. Will completed his B.S. degree in Earth Sciences at Dickinson College, Pennsylvania, where he completed a thesis which improved the record of ice cap change at Nevada Coropuna, Peru, to help better forecast future changes in tropical water supply. He then went onto the University of Maine as a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow, where he worked with Dr. Gordon Hamilton and Dr. Karl Kreutz. Will’s Master’s research focused on understanding surges of Donjek Glacier, Yukon, since the 1930s. Will joined the University of Ottawa for his PhD studies in September 2019 as a Vanier Scholar. Will’s research interests are in combining field and satellite observations to better understand glacier change around the world. When not on glaciers or studying them in imagery, Will enjoys hiking, skiing, and being outdoors with his family and dog.

You can visit his homepage at https://iceandclimate.org/

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