Benoît Lauzon

BenoitBenoît completed his Honours Bachelor of Arts with Specialization in Geography and Minor in Geomatics and Spatial Analysis (2016–2020), as well as his MSc in Geography (2020–2022), at the University of Ottawa. Benoît’s passion for the field of glaciology was ignited in Iceland, where he got to step foot on a glacier for the first time as part of the GEG 4100 Glaciology field course during his fourth year of undergraduate studies. This experience impelled him to pursue graduate studies at the University of Ottawa under the supervision of Dr. Luke Copland for his MSc and Dr. Luke Copland and Dr. Wesley Van Wychen for his PhD.

During his MSc, Benoît researched the glacier surge dynamics and history of Iceberg and Airdrop glaciers on western Axel Heiberg Island, providing detailed observations of a complete surge in the Canadian Arctic for the first time. His current PhD research aims to improve our knowledge of dynamic instabilities in the Canadian Arctic by undertaking a comprehensive study of glacier surging in this region. Using a variety of remote sensing and field methods, his work will provide an in-depth analysis of surging activity for the entire Manson Icefield, SE Ellesmere Island, where we find an unusually high concentration of surge-type glaciers, and will establish an updated inventory of surge-type glaciers for the Canadian Arctic. Subsequently, he will test the enthalpy balance theory of surging on a regional basis throughout the Canadian Arctic.

Outside of his graduate studies, Benoît enjoys cooking, playing drums, hiking, exercising, and traveling.

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