Dr. Luke Copland, Email: luke.copland@uottawa.ca

    • Professor & University Research Chair in Glaciology, University of Ottawa


Dr. Andrew Hamilton (09/2017-), Email: andrew@madzu.com

    • Glacier-Ocean Interactions in the Canadian High Arctic
    • Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

Dr. Alison Cook (11/2018- ), Email: alison.cook@uottawa.ca

    • Geospatial Analysis of Arctic Ice and Shipping
    • Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland & Dr. Jackie Dawson

Ph.D. students

Dorota Medrzycka (01/2015- ), Email: dorota.medrzycka@uottawa.ca

    • Glacier Surges in the Canadian High Arctic: Controls, Processes and Distribution
    • Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

Brittany Main (09/2016- ), Email: bmain018@uottawa.ca

    • Glacier Velocity Variations in the St. Elias Mountains, Yukon
    • Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

Abigail Dalton (05/2018- ), Email: adalt043@uottawa.ca

    • Iceberg Sources and Sinks in the Canadian Arctic
    • Co-Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland & Dr. Wesley Van Wychen

William Kochtitzky (09/2019- ), Email: will.kochtitzky@uottawa.ca

    • Evolution of North American Glacier Dynamics in a Warming Climate
    • Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

M.Sc. Students

Claire Bernard-Grand’Maison (09/2017- ), Email: cbern085@uottawa.ca

    • Changing surface elevation and dynamics of Devon Ice Cap
    • Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland & Dr. David Burgess

Braden Smeda (09/2018- ), Email: bsmed045@uottawa.ca

    • Small ice cap changes in the Canadian Arctic
    • Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland & Dr. Laura Thomson

Dana Stephenson (09/2018- ), Email: 12ds53@queensu.ca

    • Firn densification on White Glacier, Axel Heiberg Island
    • Supervisors: Dr. Laura Thomson & Dr. Luke Copland

Moya Painter (09/2019- ), Email: mpain046@uottawa.ca

    • Glacial lake outburst floods from Donjek Glacier, Yukon
    • Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland & Dr. Christine Dow

Adam Garbo (09/2019- ), Email: agarb072@uottawa.ca

    • Iceberg tracking in Baffin Bay
    • Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland

Collaborators & Adjunct Professors

Dr. David Burgess, Geological Survey of Canada

Dr. Christine Dow, University of Waterloo

Dr. Wesley Van Wychen, University of Waterloo

Dr. Laurence Gray, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing (Emeritus)

Dr. Derek Mueller, Carleton University

Dr. Laura Thomson, Queen’s University

Dr. Christian Zdanowicz, Uppsala University, Sweden

Past Students

Scott Williamson (Post-Doc, 2017-2019). Reconciling Arctic and Elevational Amplified Warming Using Canada’s Northern Climate Gradients. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

Adrienne White (Ph.D., 2013-2019). Glacier Changes Across Northern Ellesmere Island. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

Danielle Hallé (B.A., 2016-2017). Glacier Surging Velocity Variability on Manson Icefield in Southeast Ellesmere Island 1992-2016. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

Frances Delaney (Research Associate, 2016-2017). Ice Navigability and Shipping in Arctic Canada. Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland, Dr. Jackie Dawson, Dr. Adrienne Tivy

Nicole Schaffer (Ph.D., 2011-2016). Historical Trends and Future Impacts of Glacier Volume Changes, Baffin Island, Nunavut. Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland & Dr. Christian Zdanowicz

Laura Thomson (Ph.D., 2012-2016). Connections Between the Mass Balance, Ice Dynamics and Hypsometry of White Glacier, Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

Wesley Van Wychen (Ph.D., 2011-2015; Post-doc, 2016). The Dynamics and Dynamic Discharge of the Ice Masses and Tidewater Glaciers of the Canadian High Arctic. Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland & Dr. David Burgess

Larissa Pizzolato (M.Sc., 2013-2015). Arctic Shipping in Canada: Analysis of Sea Ice, Shipping, and Vessel Track ReconstructionSupervisors: Dr. Luke Copland & Dr. Jackie Dawson

Michael Hackett (B.A., 2014-2015). Using DEM differencing to calculate volume change of two alpine glaciers on Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, Canada, 1959-2014. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

Frances Delaney (B.Sc., 2014-2015), Patterns and trends in oxygen isotope values in snow across the Canadian Arctic over the past 40 years. Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland & Dr. Denis Lacelle

Miriam Richer McCallum (M.Sc., 2012-2015). Analysis of ice types along the northern coast of Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada, and their relationship to Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) backscatter. Supervisors: Dr. Derek Mueller & Dr. Luke Copland

Emilie Herdes (M.Sc., 2012-2014). Evolution of seasonal variations in motion of the Kaskawulsh Glacier, Yukon Territory. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

Alexandra Waechter (M.Sc., 2011-2013). Regional Assessment of Glacier Motion in Kluane National Park, Yukon Territory. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

Tyler de Jong (M.Sc., 2011-2013). Recent Changes in Glacier Facies Zonation on Devon Ice Cap, Nunavut, Detected from SAR Imagery and Field Validation Methods. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland.

Samantha Darling (M.Sc., 2009-2012). Velocity Variations of the Kaskawulsh Glacier, Yukon Territory, 2009-2011. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland.

Adrienne White (M.Sc., 2010-2012). Dynamics and Historical Changes of the Petersen Ice Shelf and Epishelf Lake, Nunavut, Canada, Since 1959. Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland & Dr. Derek Mueller

Miriam Richer McCallum (B.A., 2011-2012). Assessment of Increasing Open Water Leads Along Northern Ellesmere Island. Supervisors: Dr. Luke Copland & Dr. Derek Mueller.

Alexandre Bevington (B.Sc., 2010-2012). Characterization of the 2009-10 Surge of Lowell Glacier, Yukon Territory. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland

Amaris Page (M.Sc., 2007-2009). A Topographic and Photogrammetric Study of Rock Glaciers in the southern Yukon Territory. Supervisor: Dr. Antoni Lewkowicz

Colleen Mortimer (M.Sc., 2009-2011). Quantification of Changes for the Milne Ice Shelf, Nunavut, Canada, 1950-2009. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland.

Wesley Van Wychen (M.Sc., 2008-2010). Spatial and Temporal Variations in Ice Motion, Belcher Glacier, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland.

Sierra Pope (M.Sc., 2008-2010). Changes in Multiyear Landfast Sea Ice in the Northern Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland.

Emilie Herdes (B.A., 2008-2009). The Relationships between Iceberg Calving and Sea Ice Conditions on Devon Ice Cap, Nunavut. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland.

Tyler Sylvestre (M.Sc., 2007-2009). Spatial Patterns of Snow Accumulation Across the Belcher Glacier Basin, Devon Island, Nunavut, Canada. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland.

Norah Foy (M.Sc., 2007-2009). Changes in Surface Elevation and Extent of the Kaskawulsh Glacier, Yukon Territory. Supervisor: Dr. Luke Copland.

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