Brittany Main

dsc_0880_editedBrittany completed her BA in Geography with a minor in Geomatics and Spatial Analysis at the University of Ottawa in April 2013. As part of her Honours thesis, she constructed a 40-year record (1970-2010) of air temperature variations reconstructed from stable water isotopes and melt layer measurements from Agassiz Ice Cap in the Canadian high Arctic.  Brittany completed her MSc at the University of Ottawa in April 2016 under the supervision of Dr. Denis Lacelle in the CLAAPS Lab (CryoLab for Arctic, Antarctic and Planetary Studies), with a focus on permafrost and cryoturbation. Her thesis used radiocarbon dating to trace soil movement in hummocky terrain near Inuvik, NWT.

Brittany began her PhD at the University of Ottawa in September 2016, under the supervision of Dr. Luke Copland. Her research is focused on glacier velocity variations and surging glacier dynamics in the St. Elias Mountains along the Alaska-Yukon border. When not at the university, Brittany enjoys working with the First Nations Natural Resources Youth Employment Program, hiking and travelling.

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