Pénélope Gervais

Penelope_imagePénélope completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts with specialization in Geography at the University of Ottawa in May 2022. Her first experience on a glacier was on Athabasca glacier in the Canadian Rockies when she was 12 years old, where she was mesmerized by the beauty and power of the landscape. She developed her interests in glaciology during her last year of her undergraduate degree when she attended a glaciology field course at the University Center in Svalbard, as well as a field course in Iceland with the University of Ottawa (GEG 4100). Her drive to learn coupled with her interest in glaciology impelled her to pursue a MSc in Geography under the supervision of Dr. Luke Copland. Pénélope’s research focuses on the temporal and spatial changes of supraglacial hydrology across the latitudinal gradient of Ellesmere Island, Canadian High Arctic. During her free time, Pénélope works on building her tiny house, but she also loves to travel, paddleboard and practice aerial silks.

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